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Neptune Special Operations Team does Collapse Training at vacant house

IMG_3728On March 15, members of the Neptune Special Operations Team conducted a training drill at a vacant building on Division Street.

The two story private dwelling, scheduled for demolition, was a simulated “compromised” structure.  Team members were divided into groups – a reconnaissance group to identify the damage and life hazard; and, logistics group to stage the equipment, staff the cut station and equipment movement as needed.

The incident action plan was to first placed a strut at the front door and struts to the objective area.  Then wood shoring would be built around the struts to fortify the structure.

The shoring that were constructed by the team included a door shore and a double vertical shore.

“It’s a great opportunity to be able to train at a vacant building because for the most part it is not simulated”, said Donald Colarusso, Neptune Special Operations Team Leader.  “This type of building, it’s real construction as opposed to a simulator or pre-build structure specifically for training.”

IMG_3726The drill started at 8:30 am and lasted for approximately two hours.

Units on scene included OEM unit 34-9-85, Special Operations Collapse Trailer, Unexcelled Ladder 34-4-90 and Shark River Hills EMS unit 34-3-56.

The Neptune Special Operations Team is comprised of members from Neptune Township’s Emergency Service organizations including the Neptune Township Office of Emergency Management, Neptune Fire Department’s Unexcelled Fire Company and Shark River Hills Fire Company, and Neptune Emergency Medical Services.

For more information about Neptune’s Special Operations Team, please contact Donald Colarusso at dcolarusso@neptunetownship.org.

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