IMG_1573Neptune Office of Emergency Management maintains a fully functional Hazardous Materials Team that can be deployed to hazardous materials emergencies in Neptune Township and throughout the area when requested.

The team consists of 18 member that have been trained to the New Jersey State Police hazardous materials technician level.  In addition, eight members who are trained as CBRNE technicians and eight members trained beyond both the technician and CBRNE levels.

Neptune Hazardous Materials Team responds to HazMat emergencies with Rescue 34-9-86 and when necessary, our DECON trailer.  These vehicles completely outfitted with a wide variety of equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Isotope Identifier to detect radioactive threats
  • Radiation Portal used to monitor large areas for radiation threats (provided by the Monmouth County Department of Health)
  • RAE System that allows us to deploy air sampling detectors and monitor them remotely
  • HAZMAT ID for detecting unknown chemicals in the field

IMG_3861Our Decontamination Cache is transported on our DECON trailer.  It includes a three lane TVI System that allows us to decontaminate large numbers of people.

It also allows us to decontaminate injured patients who are immobilized and/or on backboards via a conveyor track system.

For additional information on the Neptune Office of Emergency Management Hazardous Materials Team, please contact Deputy OEM Coordinator Michael Dileo at mdileo@neptunetownship.org.


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