The Neptune Special Operations Technical Rescue Team – Station 34-8 – was created in 2009, and is responsible for technical rescue emergencies and rescue operations in the Neptune Township and also when requested throughout the region.

The team operates under the authority of Neptune Township’s Office of Emergency Management.

IMG_0838Technical Rescue emergencies include Confined Space Rescue, Structural Collapse, High and Low Angle Rescue, Trench Rescue and any rescue that is beyond the scope or capabilities of the township’s first responders.

The team staffed by 50 members from the various support and sponsoring agencies, which includes:

– Neptune Office of Emergency Management
– Unexcelled Fire Company
– Shark River Hills Fire Company
– Neptune Emergency Medical Services
– Neptune Police Department
– Neptune Department of Public Works
– Neptune Building Department
– Neptune Municipal Government

The team also works cooperatively with the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management, the Monmouth County Fire Marshal’s Office and the Monmouth County Technical Operations Unit.

IMG_6090Neptune Special Operations Team members have varied levels of training, including having members trained through New Jersey Task Force 1 at their Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) facility on the US Naval Base located in Lakehurst.  NJTF-1 is one of the 28 FEMA USAR teams in the US.

We also have members who have a background in construction and carpentry, surveying, hazardous materials, rope and rigging, rescue and more.

The team trains monthly, in addition to extra training that is held both for the team and where members attend on their own.

For additional information on Neptune’s Special Operations Team, contact Special Operations Team Leader / Assistant Deputy OEM Coordinator Donald Colarusso – dcolarusso@neptunetownship.org.


34-9-30Michael BascomTeam Commander
34-9-35Donald ColarussoChief/Team Leader
34-9-32Michael DileoAsst. Team Leader (Safety)
34-4-68Joseph MauroAsst. Team Leader (Operations)
34-8Francis SutphinAsst. Team Leader (Logistics)
34-9-36Bil RosenAsst. Team Leader (Medical)
Search / RescueDaniel Harker
Search / RescueOtis Henderson
Search / RescueBrian Rath
Search / RescueJames Allen
Search / RescueKenny Sprague
Search / RescueFrank Martuscelli, Jr.
Search / RescueWill Jamarino
Search / RescueAlbie Fritz
Search / RescueAaron Lay
Planning / SafetyRob Balko
Planning / SafetyJohn Rystephanuk
LogisticsChip Megill
LogisticsNick Megill
LogisticsJose Perez
LogisticsAndre Butler
LogisticsJames Walsh
LogisticsSteve Conklin
LogisticsNick Virgilio
LogisticsTyler Scorben
LogisticsDavid Hoecker
SupportSharon Rowe
SupportKyle Bascom (PIO)
MedicalVito Gadaleta


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