OEM 008 IMTThe Neptune Office of Emergency Management supports emergency operations with Incident Management support.

Such support would be implimented for large scale emergencies, prolonged operations, major incidents, natural disasters, large scale events and similar occurances.

OEM members trained in incident management can be mobilized and deployed to an incident or event. They can also be assigned to staff the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) [see photo], such as in the event of severe weather.

OEM Field ComIf deployed to a outlying area, remote site or another jurisdiction, the group can respond with the Emergency Management Field Communications Vehicle # 34-9-97 [see photo].

This unit is fully equipped with communications equipment, computers, a command meeting space, planning area and other support and technology equipment.

Incident Management support is available 365/24/7.

For additional information on our Incident Management capabilities and Field-Com, please contact

Deputy OEM Coordinator Michael Dileo or
Assistant Deputy OEM Coordinator Donald Colarusso


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